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Championship Format

The 10-team World Series field is comprised of the champions of each of the eight national regions (New England, Middle Atlantic, Ohio Valley, Southeast, Midwest Plains, Southwest, Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest) as well as the Western New York State Champions and the Host Team.

Teams will be split into two divisions, National and American.

American Division
New England ··· Pacific Northwest ··· Pacific Southwest
Southeast ··· State Champion: Western New York
National Division
Middle Atlantic ··· Southwest ··· Ohio Valley
Midwest Plains ··· Host: Jamestown, NY

Each of the 10 teams in the World Series will play four round-robin style games over the first five days of play. Each team will play the other four teams in their division once. A tie in standings will be broken by head-to-head records then fewest total runs allowed.

After pool play the top three teams in each division will advance to a single elimination bracket, with the top seed in each division receiving byes.

Pool Play
Game # Date Away Home Time
1 15-Aug Pacific Southwest New England 12:00PM
2 15-Aug Ohio Valley Middle Atlantic 2:30PM
3 15-Aug Southeast WNY State Champ 5:00PM
4 15-Aug Southwest Jamestown, NY 7:30PM
5 16-Aug Southeast Pacific Southwest 12:00PM
6 16-Aug Ohio Valley Southwest 2:30PM
7 16-Aug Jamestown, NY Midwest Plains 5:00PM
8 16-Aug Pacific Northwest WNY State Champ 7:30PM
9 17-Aug Middle Atlantic Southwest 12:00PM
10 17-Aug Midwest Plains Ohio Valley 2:30PM

Pool Play
Game # Date Away Home Time
11 17-Aug Pacific Southwest Pacific Northwest 5:00PM
12 17-Aug New England Southeast 7:30PM
13 18-Aug Southwest Midwest Plains 12:00PM
14 18-Aug Pacific Northwest Southeast 2:30PM
15 18-Aug Middle Atlantic Jamestown, NY 5:00PM
16 18-Aug WNY State Champ New England 7:30PM
17 19-Aug New England Pacific Northwest 12:00PM
18 19-Aug Midwest Plains Middle Atlantic 2:30PM
19 19-Aug Jamestown, NY Ohio Valley 5:00PM
20 19-Aug WNY State Champ Pacific Southwest 7:30PM


Single Elimination Bracket


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